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tv   Headline News  RT  October 4, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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it's always been in need of an enemy talking to a friend certainly is one of their worst nightmares so is there a plan b. . russian diplomatic sources say they've seen evidence suggesting a chemical weapons attack in this city were in capital and oldest was carried on by and i'll kind of a limited group by saudi arabia. washington believes the truth and an on female driver in front of her after sure rammed into security barriers near the white house for no car trades. on the drug and it's a trade which seemed to suggest he'd like to say edward snowden on a kill list for bugs criticism online by the retired security force says he was simply misunderstood that.
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international news live from moscow the design team with major national problem thanks for joining us. the deadly nerve gas attack in the suburbs of this city were incompetent and was orchestrated by an al qaeda linked group by saudi arabia that's according to russian diplomatic sources speaking on condition of anonymity to into fox news agency let's not get the details from our middle east correspondent paula it's near so poor so what's the latest you're hearing on this story. well as you say russian diplomatic sources speaking on condition of anonymity say that the attack that was carried out in the suburbs of damascus in august the twenty first in which nearly one and a half thousand people were killed four hundred of them children was an attack that was orchestrated by an al qaeda linked group backed by saudi arabia now this is the
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position that moscow has held all along name me that the rebels are provoking the situation as an attempt to see foreign forces and the international community becoming involved in the conflict inside syria both moscow and damascus believe that there is more than enough evidence that points to the opposition being behind this attack and yet despite the huge body of evidence the united states and her allies continue to put the blame for this attack on the shoulders of the syrian president bashar al assad this is also despite the fact that a number of for my high ranking members of the american intelligence community have been solved stated that there is a lot of evidence that points to the fact that in fact it may very well have been the rebels behind this attack now what is also important to point out is that these this intelligence community says it is a growing body of evidence that shows number one that the attack was preplanned and
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number two that it's a. states becoming involved in the conflict they also say that it is in israel's interest to see military intervention in syria but not to the point that the opposition would be strengthened enormously in the long run the united states remains committed to seeing the overthrow of the syrian president bashar al assad and it continues to support a very fractured opposition this despite the fact that even western analysis says that the opposition is becoming increasingly more and move radicalized as you have groups like al qaida that are becoming more and more powerful. and he's middle east correspondent paula slayer paula thank you very much indeed for that. meanwhile experts from the world's chemical weapons watchdog say they're making encouraging progress towards dismantling see where stockpiles as seen from the organization for the prohibit of chemical weapons is in damascus for talks with
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officials as your report earlier concluded that nerve gas had indeed been used on a large scale in august but the consistency of the findings are under question as a sudden boyko explained to me and there. the report on the use of chemical weapons the first report was released a couple of weeks ago the next report is expected by the end of the of the year and this is going to be the full report but the spectre's claim to use very robust very reliable scientific methods but if you actually go and look at the reporter there are so many questions that the main question is of war is the reliability of the whole research because just to explain you quickly what the inspectors did they either went to several sites or the area or the area of the horrible videos of children and bodies. at one location they spread that around to all the another location is spent around five hours and they try to collect samples
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environmental samples tissue. fabric soil and also interviews survivors and take blood samples from them and the biggest problem there is none of the environmental samples that they too can was going to test the positively for sarin but all the survivors for some reason cast it positively i suggest we listen to one of the sound bites from the interview that i did with angela kane the u.n. high representative for disarmament affairs i think that would read things into perspective they did prove that they are and was evident in the samples they found but on the other hand if they did not find the samples in the environmental in the environmental samples if they did not find certain the environmental samples it just testifies to the honesty of the reinspection so they're saying this is what we found this is what we took now of course it's interesting. miskin would talk about the almost you know the inspectors i think we would expect nothing less from
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the year the personnel but. you need to understand what actually happened whenever of the investigators had a chance to do the job whenever they had the freedom to go around and collect samples none of them test positive me and yet whenever they tried to get some tissue samples from people who were pre-selected by the opposition they all test positive this is statistically it's simply impossible i mean there are just two possible explanations either the united nation inspectors didn't know how to do their job or. there's environmental samples or the opposition tried to influence the investigation and brought people who were probably exposed to serin but at some other location and you make your pick i mean it's up to you who you trust more the u.n. inspectors or the opposition to what i find extremely interesting and inexplicable to me is that the union specters and the u.n.
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reports would still claim that they have a clear and convincing evidence that sarin was used as we just discussed those evidence i'm not there clear north consisting. of the investigation is continuing of course but of course the report suggests all the mass chemical or talk made the massacres from hundreds to thousands do well actually did the inspectors examined the body. well it is also a very interesting case because we all remember that you know those pictures of dead children bodies were the main case for president obama the main reason for president obama to go to war in syria he wanted to punish president assad for killing all those people and what's strange is. the u.n. and specters didn't even request. of those bodies they didn't want to see the autopsies they didn't want to go to the morgue and. this is how
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this can explain the reasons why such a request from. there were so many victims who were still alive that there was really no need to to exuma bodies and basically take a tissue from them because there were so many victims who were alive but we had also complete case history meaning that the victims were able to tell how they were affected what they felt what the symptoms were which is much more powerful than taking tissue from from me from a body well. in my humble opinion autopsy is a very very rich source of any sort of information and war over the u.n. inspectors side a lot of stories about a lot of interviews about how many people were killed at some point that they report they say that. they were like. a family of forty people killed in. and yet for some reason they make absolutely no after it's you go and see those bodies is still not lead to a kind of trace in washington d.c.
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which caused a security lockdown of the government and ended with an armed woman being shot in front of her baby by police and says day details now from. we're learning more about the suspect who led police on a high speed chase through washington d.c. her name is miriam carey thirty four years old from connecticut she was a mother she was recently laid off from her job as a dental hygienist and tragically yesterday she was shot dead in front of her one year old child just outside the u.s. capitol here in washington d.c. now this all started at around two pm yesterday afternoon she tried to gain access to the white house security area of the white house where she was confronted by police she then sped off struck a police officer and then led police on a high speed chase to the u.s. capitol where again she eluded cops says as police tried to fire on the vehicle and when she led to the third location near senate office building she crashed the car and she was riddled with bullets by the police again with with her child in the
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back seat it was only then that police say they realized her child was in the car as for why any of this happened and why she was killed we can't know for sure now anyone familiar with this area in d.c. knows that there's a lot of drills going on there's a lot of security checkpoints going on and and really it's hard to drive around so you can imagine someone who might be having some mental illness issues confronting a checkpoint that she wasn't expected to confront and then panicking and driving off and leading to this whole chain of events that happened will be investigations into this i mean we're talking about the two most secure locations probably on the planet the u.s. capitol the white house which might be why police were quick to jump to lethal force but a lot of people be saying you know why he why didn't police try and shoot out the tires when they had the vehicle cornered why wasn't another police car brought in to further box in the suspect's vehicle and once the suspects car was immobilised
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the the third time why was she just shot dead of course this comes with a string of incidents of people being unarmed and being. held by police you may remember recently there was the case of bieber on to dosh of who was being questioned by the f.b.i. during a question he was shot dead he was unarmed even with the case. and i have the boston bomber he was captured alive but after several shots right now by police in the boat that he was hiding and it was discovered that he was unarmed and really on a week to week basis unfortunately in the united states where we're hearing stories of police shooting unarmed people who they perceive as a threat and weren't so this is just yet another tragic instance of that unfortunately here in the nation's capital and now you can see how the trace unfolded through central washington by taking a look at this map right here and starting at the white house the suspect advances all the way to the capitol building coming under police five the chinese and almost
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two miles away from the white house where the driver was killed. join the majority leader in expressing our gratitude to the capitol police. so they end. saying dad of the suspect received a pluralist in the u.s. congress will make his thanks all the officers involved from carrying out their jeanty mason believes officials had other ways they could have stopped the woman. act that we have been on armed female the police have important say that she was our unarmed there was an infant in the car. there was no gun fire of any kind that cane from the car at any time a lot of questions need to be asked. i think that there is reason to believe that the police in washington d.c.
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way way over reacted that there are alternatives to respond to situations short of deadly force in a speeding car it's a variety of ways it's stopping them the tires have air and then they can be punctured by various means they put strips in front of the vehicle and they can shoot out the tires because they have these rope things that flattens tires they don't have a lot of time but all this whole situation is that the police had no evidence that she had any gun and she had not used any weapon at all she was using a vehicle that vehicle must receive attention yes of course. the panic in washington d.c. came out of high tensions on capitol hill where lawmakers that's still unable to agree and you national budget president obama is forced to cancel his trip to asia because of the political impasse in the country while the u.s. treasury issues are warning of a looming and catastrophic default and got the details shortly.
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the army has reportedly find live rounds of supporters of deposed islamist president mohamed morsi in cairo to prevent them from occupying to square let's now get an update on the escalating tensions from our correspondent in cairo bell truth a lot about also what's going on there right now can we expect to see the city engulfed in turmoil once again. you know we really saw today was multiple clashes explodes between supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy and security forces in multiple locations across the country across the country as well as the city i was down just after the square when the thousands of supporters of morsy essentially attempted to access this main rallying point that had been sealed off by security forces with tanks concrete walls basically barricades made of
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barbed wire basically the after that there was a cations between security forces which descended into clashes i heard automatic weapon fire can't confirm whether it was live ammunition but it certainly was running through the air as well as. volleys of tear gas really making the entirety of downtown as a consequence we have had reports of possibly a fatality a medical sources are saying that one is dead in addition to a number being injured there are also running points in which is the site of one of these sit ins for mohamed morsy earlier on in august that violence is to go by the dispersed by security forces that also there were clashes in additions to thousands gathering at the site of one of the main encampments in support of our list of leader mohamed morsy in the rubble of the way in nasr city at the moment we hear that it's still relatively calm there but it has been very tense here we've also heard of clashes in the northern city of alexandria and in the nile delta and this comes just a few days before we expect
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a mass demonstrations on sunday which is the national armed forces day on the anniversary of the nine seventy three war morsy supporters have vowed to come to tahrir square which they have been forbidden from accessing in addition pro-military protests are expected the same day so we really will see this during our. rival protest day in the coming days weeks back to see more violence and more heavy handed tactics used by the security forces but all of this situation been like in egypt the last two months there. well we were seeing a kind of winding down of these protests by the supporters of mohamed morsy largely because their leadership has been locked up in jail a number of them are facing trial for inciting violence for various different events that happened over the course the last few months ahmed morsi himself he's been in detention incommunicado since he was pushed out of office in the third of july is also being charged in addition we're just hearing every day of more arrests of various different leaders so really there aren't very many of the missing brotherhood figures still left on the ground there either in jail or on the run so
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this is have a direct effect on their protests on the ground there have been daily demonstrations and marches for they've been a lot smaller but it still has been quite tense because these people are going home in the more determined than ever we've seen a number of their fellow protesters killed they say they will keep going until mohamed morsy is reinstated or until at least the military step away from power meanwhile the liberal forces and the interim government appreciate help with this road map we've got the constitution is supposed to be finished in the next week and elections will vote with the current violence it's very difficult to see how that's going to take place so we're still seeing a very tense egypt as these clashes and these are rival groups essentially meet on the streets and people die. live in cairo well thank you very much indeed for bringing us up to date. and more news coming your way right after this break just stay with us.
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full picture of today's lives no longer from rags to love. look to. me. this is also coming to life from moscow welcome back. time is ticking for the u.s. with less than two weeks left until it runs out of money sadia to find a solution will need to devastating a fence that's the official warning from the u.s. treasury. department's predicting an unprecedented default with catastrophic consequences it says a collapse of the american economy with sent shock waves across the globe and the financial crisis and recession was then the two thousand and eight meltdown the u.s. government shutdown is taking its toll on the president's plans as well was broken
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bomb of forced to counsel a trip to asia and missed a summit that the federal shortage has placed hundreds of thousands of workers on unpaid leave it's costing the american economy at least three hundred million dollars every day facing business and consumer confidence president and co-founder of jones and to prizes a political risk. says yes no make this inability to compromise is. the new c.b.s. poll numbers are out today and seventy two percent of the people don't want the tea party to hold the country hostage over obamacare by the way most americans are against obamacare but seventy two percent do not want the full faith and credit of the united states which comes up in fourteen days to be on the line to defund this rather they want what mr jefferson wanted we have election still article republicans win the presidency in two thousand and sixteen retake the senate in two thousand and fourteen they can repeal obamacare but you don't do it this way the treasury department the bond traders the i.m.f.
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and the guy in the street no the to risk the american economy over this issue is ridiculous the problem is people can miscalculate because remember seventy two percent of americans are against doing this but fifty seven percent of the people who say they're with the tea party are for what's going on so if you're a tea party supporter and you look at your local numbers you say keep going which is of course a disaster for the country and indeed the world. much of our government must now. shut down until congress funds of ago. you know make a decision to put cia contract of sand whistleblower edward snowden on the final list of nominees for the european human rights prize has received plaudits from people around the wild his form of also however is not among them and says he dreams of a somewhat different fate for snowden on his marina partner reports. well speaking at a washington post panel discussion on a cyber security former n.s.a.
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director general michael hayden joked about putting edward snowden on a list that has very little to do with human rights or honorable recognition america's former spy chief eg knowledge that snowden an n.s.a. whistleblower has been nominated for a human rights award and then reportedly said quote i must admit in my darker moment over the past several months i had also thought of nominating mr snowden but it was for a different list unquote some journalists including brendan sasso from the hill blog have interpreted mr hayden's words to mean putting snowden on america's kill list now general hayden confirmed to me that the quote is correct but he claims that his words have been misinterpreted and he never proposed for snowden to be put on any assassination list but some would argue that this is probably the worst time for any former or current top u.s. official to even speak sarcastically about putting snowden on a list and that's because journalists jeremy scahill and glenn greenwald are
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currently working together on a joint investigation on how the u.s. national security agency has been involved in the wider overseas assassination program run by the obama administration now both of these journalists are known for their hard hitting investigations of the u.s. government and their collaboration will reportedly reveal how they say the vast surveillance network of the n.s.a. operates in conjunction with clandestine operations run by the u.s. military or the cia now for those who don't know the so hot a rise that snowden is nominated for was established by the european parliament in order to a good knowledge individuals or organizations who have dedicated their lives to human rights and freedom of thought reporting from new york marine upward r.t. . snowden's revelations to the u.s. into giants to try and become more transparent that war and a bad news and views is outside america and the money they produce but as lissac
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often of reports now that's not happening here. in the wake of the u.s. national security agency scandal much of the tech industry has been critical of government snooping some companies named as partners in the n.s.a.'s prism program including google and facebook even sued the u.s. in order to set the record straight they're hoping to fight the perception that the n.s.a. has direct access to their servers but transparency might come with financial incentives the snowden leaks prompted dire warnings from internet giants predicting that american businesses would lose tens of billions of dollars in revenue abroad as scared users turn to local alternatives one industry nonprofit survey found that ten percent of two hundred seven officials at not american companies cancelled contracts in the wake of the leaks fifty six percent of non-u.s. respondents said they were hesitant to work with u.s. based cloud computing firms some researchers even predicted the cloud computing industry as a whole could lose up to one hundred billion dollars by twenty sixteen but so far
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none of that has panned out in fact some of the internet giants who helped the n.s.a. gather data on people overseas say privately they felt little if any impact on their business and when it comes to internet empires some of those very same firms dominate the internet traffic across the globe. google and facebook rule most of the world that's according to a new survey from office for university as this map shows the only major countries not under their sway are china and russia also kazakhstan korea and japan here local providers have managed to maintain their domination of the market and there's a number of theories as to why one is that cloud customers have few good alternatives american firms have most of the market and switching costs money another reason is that tech buying companies elsewhere believe their own governments have scanning procedures that are every bit as invasive as the american programs and so despite the spying revelations it seems to be business as usual for
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the tech giants who worked with the n.s.a. reporting from moscow i'm lucy catherine of r.t. . up next a special report about impoverish workers in bangladesh. you know i'm old enough to remember on reruns when gomer pyle used to cry citizen's arrest when he saw something wrong in mayberry and a new law in russia could allow our city average to do the same thing by helping to enforce law in the country this low allows citizens to protect public order by becoming volunteer workers deputy policeman and even forming peoples militias which will in theory prevent crime or at least allow the police to be informed more quickly and accurately of course this like any project which sounds nice on paper is all about the implementation so we'll see how these deputies and militias will
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work overall i think this won't have much of an effect on crime but it could have a huge impact on non-criminal bad public behavior you know i am not the bravest guy on the planet and it's hard to confront a group of five drunk guys who are just as big as you who are acting like idiots on the street but doing so with ten stone sober militiaman buddies could provide a much more convincing argument for the drunkard's this could be a big step forward for democracy when you actually have at least a scrap of power or control over the events in your neighborhood then you are sure feel like people actually have a lot of power and this could be good for the country but that's just my opinion. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refuse to notice. places change the rules right.
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